Catching up

Hello Everyone,

I have some major posting to do.  I’m in the process of changing my daughter’s school and I’ve just been extremely busy.  I will try to catch up, or at least post the latest shows.  I have been watching them, I just haven’t had time to post about anything.  On a positive note, I’m learning to use Blender and I’m learning a lot about Web Scripting in ITT Tech.  So this page will definitely be improving!  In the mean time, I will try to do some posting as soon as I can.  Thanks for visiting!


Transplant Recipients Getting More than Organs From Donors?

Besides the few horror shows that I write about on this website, my tendency is to watch reality stuff.  I really like the Science channel, it’s one of my favorites and if I didn’t get it, I would probably bug the crap out of my cable provider until they got it for me.  There is almost always something good on the science channel.  Today I’ve been watching Nasa’s Unexplained Files and now The Unexplained Files.  They had a really interesting topic, and you can watch at the link above, if you like.  They have found that organ transplant patients seem to get the traits and in some cases memories and feelings from their donors.  One woman was a teen when she received a liver transplant, and her mother said she became a different person.  She never liked building blocks or working with her hands, then after the transplant she found herself going to hardware stores and buying stuff to work on her house and things like that.  The most incredible story was that of a little girl that received a heart from a girl that was murdered.  She began to have dreams of a little girl being murdered, and she gave this information to the police (she gave a description of the killer) which led to his arrest.  She didn’t know anything about this girl, and I’m sure her parents wouldn’t tell her that the girl was murdered.  I certainly wouldn’t if my daughter was in that position.  I guess we have to rethink what memory is and where memories are stored.  It may be that memories are stored in all the cells of our bodies, which is pretty interesting.

American Horror Story: Freakshow “Edward Mordrake part 2” Episode 4

American Horror Story: Freakshow “Edward Mordrake part 2”, Episode 4

Two of my favorite characters are gone, Twisty and Edward Mordrake.  I didn’t expect Mordrake to stick around long, but still he was fun.  As for Twisty, I believe he will be far more psychotic in the mind of Dandy.  Clearly when Dandy put that mask on, he invoked Twisty in some way.  Both of them in one disturbed mind, and probably ten times as sick and twisted as Twisty was originally.  The mask enabled him to kill his maid, something he couldn’t do before.  I was a bit confused with Twisty’s story.  I’m not sure if he really was molesting children or not.  I know he was mentally challenged, but his views on what he did were quite far removed from reality.  He justified the kidnapping of the children and murder of the boy’s parents by saying he was helping them in some way.  He wasn’t even feeding them.


When he rolled in, and we found out what he was doing, I had a feeling that he had come for Twisty.  In a way, it was a happy ending for Twisty.  He found a family, a place where he belonged and was accepted.  He was no longer alone, though he had Dandy for awhile.  I think Dandy even freaked out Twisty.

Dandy Twisty

This version of Dandy should be absolutely terrifying, which means the show will get even better.  My guess is that he will be coming for Jimmy, and probably blondie too.  I can’t remember her name…oh wait Esmeralda, though that’s not her real name (in the show).

seal and skateboard girl

We found out a bit more about these two when Mordrake came to them.  We expect that each of the characters in the freak show will have had a very difficult life.  These two certainly did.  Elsa was nearly taken by Mordrake, right before he went after Twisty (and basically saved Jimmy’s ass).  Elsa was born normal, and was a dominatrix in Germany…not a big surprise.  The way her legs were cut off by a chainsaw was a bit more shocking.  Though I loved how Mordrake put her in her place.

Jimmy gets praise


The end, with the townspeople coming to than Jimmy for saving those kids was great.  Considering he risked a lot by going to help that girl, it was nice to see that everyone appreciated it.  He was nearly killed trying to help a stranger.  It looks like next week people start dying, starting with Dot and Bette.  I will not be upset about that, as I’ve said previously, I find the two headed woman the most boring character of the bunch.  Meep was more interesting.  I saw in a promo that Ma Petite gets killed eventually, I will be far more upset about her death.  It’s weird, the entire premiere was about Bette and Dot, and now they seem insignificant.  Also, since they are no longer making those two characters the center of the show, the show has improved exponentially.  What do you think?

Zombie plausability



I was watching “Z nation” this morning, and the idea of the plausability of a zombie came to mind (certainly not for the first time).  The first thing that I think of is my physiology lab.  Basically you scramble the frog’s brain with a metal stick.  Then you attach electrodes to the frog’s legs and make them hop with electricity.  The one kind of zombie apocalypse I can imagine as being possible is the result of technology and war.  What better way to infiltrate your enemy than by using their dead.  It would be a no risk strategy.  You’d be far away from your enemy, and all your troops are already dead.  You’d have to find a way to control them, some kind of remote control, as well as a wireless electricity system (something like a Tesla coil).

Tesla Coil (prop)

Any other kind of zombie apocalypse wouldn’t really hold up.  The dead decompose rather quickly, though I imagine those that have been treated with formaldehyde would last longer.  The newly dead would decompose within two – three weeks, which is why shows like” The Walking Dead” can never happen.  A dried up mummy wouldn’t be able to move with electricity, they’re too stiff and have no moisture.  Sorry, I just killed the theory of the old mummy movies too.  They move by magic I think, totally different rules.  Strictly science, the only way we could have a zombie apocalypse would either be what I stated in the first paragraph or something like the movie Quarantine.  The rabies virus is very similar, so someone could mess with the virus and it could potentially be very much like a zombie apocalypse.